Fantasy World (DUFAN)

Dunia Fantasi (DUFAN)

Fantasy world or better known as DUFAN inaugurated on August 29, 1985 is an entertainment venue in Jakarta, located in Ancol, North Jakarta. Fantasy World reached 9,5 hectares from 550 hectares of the Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. A fantasy world is composed of several regions with their own unique theme with the intent to keep the visitors enjoy the sensation of walking as well as to arouse his imagination.

The history of the establishment of development closely related to Dufan  tour at Ancol Beach location. During the reign of the Netherlands East Indies Governor-general Adriaan Valckenier Netherlands Indies named has a House by the beach at Ancol. The beach is very beautiful and is the resting place of Governors. As time passes the Governor’s retreat then turns into an attractive tourist attractions and is visited by many people until now.IMG-20150226-WA0063

The Purpose of Dufan

DUFAN is sights which aims to provide entertainment for the whole people of Indonesia, no exception for tourists who often visited Indonesia. In the presence of someone can be expected for a moment forget the stress in the job, for a moment forget the stress in study, as the get together with old friends, or as a recreation with family. This can be done not only, but can be with family, friends, colleagues, and others. Often we come across someone who is take pictures together to capture the moment in DUFAN, either while waiting in line, while aboard the spacecraft, or just take pictures in front of the vehicle.

Dufan Ticketing System


  1. Regular : The entrance dufan ticketprice is Rp 190,000 for weekdays and Rp 270,000 for the weekend or national holiday.
  2. Fast Track : Extra ticket for regular access to the facilities without lining up at 6 favorite rides. Additional charges for Fast Track is Rp 120.000 applies per day.
  3. Premium :  Access without queuing up with Dufan on 12 favorite rides and the rest room for visitors. The cost for the premium charged Rp 370.000 for weekdays and Rp 450.000 or the weekend.
  4. Annual Pass : Free admission facilities dufan for 1 year with Rp 350,000 for new users and Rp 290.000 to extend the validity period. The annual pass is non-transferable and may only be used by a person whose name is listed on the annual pass card.annual

Dufan Mascot


The famous fantasy world mascot is the ape Dufan proboscis monkey with a mate named Dufi, Kabul (Katak Gembul), Bije (Bison Jenaka), Garin (Garuda Indonesia), Tanit (Tapir Genit), Kombi, Chile, and Barus (Babi Rakus).

Dufan Area

1. Jakarta Area

Turangga Rangga : The rides are often referred to as the carousel contains a number of horses that may be spinning. At night, the scenery is very beautiful in this probe are decorated by the sparkly lights.

turangga2. Kalila Area

Kalila Adventure : This area was recently launched on 18 June 2011. This vehicle combines four elements of technology, such as movies, animatronik, musical shows, and special effects. Kalila rides also features a variety of funny animal characters, including the character of Indonesia from Dufan. This scene is filled with a variety of children’s songs, it’s just that the songs are the robot characters. Kalila rides are suitable as a place to fill in the school holidays.

kalilaUbanga – banga : kiddies ride bumper cars, this is similar to the raw version of toki mini ride.


3. Indonesia Area

Alap – alap : Rides a train that will take visitors to feel the sensation of gliding, swooping, and darting through the lush leaves. The spacecraft is exactly the same as the Thunderbolt, but the main purpose of this vehicle is intended for children with a shorter line.


Tornado : This vehicle is the vehicle most stressful, operating since 10 june 2007. In spite of being the most thrilling rides, rides are still sought after by society at large.


4. Eropa Area

Kicir – kicir : A ferries wheel that will turn passengers into all directions. This vehicle was imported from Italy in 2002.


Hysteria : The spacecraft is 56 meters tall tower. In this environment the visitor can feel the rumble interfere when adrenaline is fired upward with a speed of 4 G then dropped to minus 1G capacity. The music that accompanies this vehicle no less testing of adrenaline.


TreasureLand Temple of Fire : This show involves 12 artist supporters and will entertain visitors for 25 minutes in 2 times a day on weekdays and 3 times on weekend. Once this place is taking the stage now changed name to the TreasureLand Temple of Fire. This show tells the adventures of an archaeologist which is equipped with a variety of top-quality sound effects.


5. Fantasi Hikayat Area

Burung Tempur : This is a favourite rides for children, because it can hover and spin to a height of 15 meters. This vehicle comes from Italy and started operation since 1998.


Perang Bintang : This vehicle will take you walking into space to destroy the aliens by riding a special capsule which is equipped with a laser weapon. Each laser is right on target, it will get a score that  appears on the capsule pilots.


Rajawali :25 metre tall spacecraft is closely related with physics, namely in the form of circular motion and pulley system. Coming from West Germany in 1998 with a capacity of 56 people. For the layman, this media Hysteria similar to rides at a glance.


Hall Ice Age : This vehicle is a vehicle of Rama Shinta which has an area of approximately 20.000 meters. In this environment, visitors will be invited to sail the ice age story in the past by using the boat and learn how the on set of ice age. The new probe is highly sought after by many visitors each day. True to its name, in this media will be felt very cold as it was in the last ice age.iceHello Kitty Adventure : Rides that presents a miniature hello kitty and her friends, and at the end of the journey the visitor will be taken to a room to watch the show in the form of animated hello kitty.


6. Fantasi Yunani Area

Halilintar : The probe consists of 6 section, with a maximum of 24 passenger was founded in 1987. This vehicle is a favourite rides since it was often visited by visitors.


Ombang – ambing : Rides include the giant flying saucers moving Greece such as the typical swing of the wave.


Pontang – pontang : Special rides imported from USA will make visitors feel his body thrown with hard and fast.


Ontang – Anting : The spacecraft flew similar to swing enough test of adrenaline. Visitors will be taken to spin – play with flying chairs to a certain height.


Arung Jeram : This ride will take visitors across the water flow with the new routes that are not less challenging. This vehicle is also a favourite rides is dufan, because visitors will feel a cold sensation due to the wet clothes after the climb this media.


Teater Simulator Happy Feet : The probe contains a computer-animated film about the adventures of a Penguin. This probe consists of 2 rooms. The first room visitors will be invited to witness the synopsis of the film will be screened. The second room visitors will sit on a Chair using seat belts and when the film is playing then this Chair will sway along with the rhythm of the film.


7. Amerika Area

Lorong Sesat : Rides with other names this green house will bring visitors to pass through glass-walled alleys along the 90 meters. The exit door on the hallway going astrat is hidden behind the Hall and for visitors who recently entered this tunnel, it would get lost in it.


Niagara : This sleigh-shaped spacecraft will carry visitors to venture to go with the flow of water at the height of the sled would go up as high as 10 meters and then glided swiftly as if visitors are dropped in a waterfall.


Poci – Poci : Rides include the giant rotate Cup toned as if a planetis rotating on the Sun.


Rango – Rango : The building is shaped this country style wooden house will bring the visitor to trace the circum stances in a house that feels increasingly lopsided as if though the visitors lose gravity.


Tembak Jitu : In this arena the visitors be tested stunt shoot at targets in the form of 100 dolls animatronik.

tembak8. Istana Area

Istana Boneka : This is a favorite rides especially for children. In here, visitors will be invited to board a boat and explore the Palace while feeling the different cultures of ethnic and culture from outside Indonesia, accompanied by songs and rhythms typical of their respective cultures. The culture is portrayed by a puppet of 600 animatronik.


9. Asia Area

Baku Toki : A familiar vehicle called the bomb-bomb car is similar to the spacecraft ubanga-banga, except raw baku toki is larger and specialized for adolescents and adults. This vehicle was imported directly from France.


Bianglala : Rides a Ferris wheel was as high as 33 feet this will bring the visitors to feel the beauty of the sea and various rides ancol dufan at the time was at its peak. This vehicle has the typical trappings of Thailand with a maximum of 6 people on each of the visitors section.


Gajah Bledug : A vehicle that is revolved, the elephants here visitors can descend and ascend using the lever on each.


Kora – Kora : a large ship-shaped spacecraft swung through 90 degrees.


Facilities at the Dufan

1. Mosque

Al Firdaus Mosque in the area close to the Palace of the Palace Dolls. There is a small mosque in the area of Fantasy Hikayat is close to the Perang Bintang Rides and in the area of Kalila.

mosque2. Toilet

In each region there is a toilet and dufan locker room shirts for the visitors. Toilet in Dufan crowned as netter-toilets in Indonesia.

toilet3. Baby Care

This space is reserved for the mother who brought toddlers. This room is equipped with air conditioner, couch, sink, and a small mattress.

4. Smoking Area

Dufan has regulations prohibited smoking in Dufan area, however has its own area of probable Dufan with parks and open space.

5. P3K room

This space is reserved for visitors who are experiencing health problems and need first aid as soon as possible.This facility is provided to the public free of charge.

6. Premium Lounge

For visitors who buy tickets or fast track premium can enjoy this facility. This facility consists of a welcome drink, wifi, children room, a cafe, and a couch for visitors who want to unwind.

7. Locker

This facility is provided for visitors who feared the goods missing dufan or fallen down so visitors can enjoy the carefree.

8. ATM Centre

This facility is provided for visitors who want to take the money at any time – without the need for out of area dufan.

9. Food Court

There are a variety of dining venues that will meet visitors in Dufan, starting from the restaurant to the small stalls, such as McDonald’s, Super Meatball, Planet Baso, Janggo, Simpang Raya, Columbus Fried Chicken, Chheckenz, and others.

food10. Baby Stoller Rental and Wheelchair

This facility set aside for visitors requiring dufan.



Name : Ayu Mutiah Khomsiatun

NPM : 28212045

Course : English Business 2#

Major in : S1 – Accounting

The content and photos in this article take based on my experience with my friends and also some related sources to improve this article. Thank you.

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