Ice Cream Burger


Do you like ice cream? Or do you like chocolate? For you who like really the same ice cream and chocolate, O’Cream is one of the places that you should visit. Here we sell a wide range of ice cream that has a different sensation like never before and it’s worth a try, one of our prime menu is Burger Ice Cream.

ice cream burger

Burger Ice Cream has a combination between  bread burger with 2 scoop ice cream that you can select according to taste, the extra toppings that surrounds it consists of nata de coco, jelly, fresh melon, sliced bananas, fresh strawberries, oreos, sprinkling grated cheese and melted chocolate.

selfie burger

The prices we offer are relatively inexpensive to pockets of students. So wait?  Visit stand O’Cream in Galaxy with the beloved friend. Hang out more cool, just in O’Cream. O’Cream: “Jagonya Ice Cream!”


Name     :    Ayu Mutiah Khomsiatun

NPM      :    28212045

Course   :    English Business 2#

Major In     :    S1 – Accounting

The content in this article like a sentence and store name only for tasks not for real. If you are interested with ice cream burger, you can visit  Canteen Aulla Galaxy and Canteen Aulla Pekayon. Thank you.


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